Sunday, July 29, 2007

Days 7 & 8- 2 Weeks/No Trash

I had a pretty normal day on Friday (day 7). I have definetly gotten better about carrying my little pink beach/trash bag around with me. Friday night we went to sushi and movie. Must say, I cheated with the sushi. Basically, I refused to order any of it. Thus, everything I ate, I considered shared food amongst the three of us dining. I didn't consume anything at the movie. So, day well accomplished. Although, I did leave behind something at the sushi place that I needed to take home and recycle (can't remember exactly what. I did recycle the chopstick wrapper :).
Saturday was a different experience! We had lunch with friends, and I took home my leftover flour tortilla shell and salad to compost. The server at the mexican restaurant was very good about giving everyone else straws, lime wedges, napkins etc (as have most servers been throughout my experience- except for Panera!). Later that day, three of us went out for wine tasting. I ate 2 olives and left buzzed, forgetting to take my olive pits home. Then, we went out for pizza, where I got to use my plastic plate- instead of the paper being offered!!! So excited! Unfortunately, I left one plastic fork, again forgetting to take it home and recycle. Afterwards, I got the late night drunk muchies (my apologies to any relatives reading this who may disapprove of the fact that I had some drinks!). I totally lost consciousness of this exercise. So, now I am carrying around 2 fudgescicle wrappers and a 1/2 cup container of Ben and Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie Ice Cream- yum! So, I accumulated some trash that was totally mindless and within my control. Ah well, at least the treats were delicious- although honestly probably not worth it!


Jodi said...

Gail I signed up for a Blog account just so I could post a comment to you!! I love reading your little narratives and think it's great that you are being daring and trying something new. And I love it that Bob and I have been with you during so many of your little adventures. :) Keep it up, you're wonderful.

Gail said...

your awsome, too!