Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Day 4- 2 Weeks/No Trash

OK. So, I am pissed at Panera... my favorite chain sandwich place. I admittedly left my bag of goodies in the car. James and I thought that we would run into one store and then get back in the car to drive to dinner. I neglected to take my bag in the store with me. Immediately after leaving, we decided to just walk over to Panera and get dinner. About 1/2 way there, I realized that I didn't have my bag. Admittedly, I was dizzy with hunger and wanted food as soon as possible. Walking back to the car, seemed ardorous! So, I decided I could survive the meal as I have done with restaurants and simply explain how to serve my food. After having this converstaion with our cashier, I watched him walk back to the kitchen and explain it to the food prep. We sat down, and I enjoyed some water, knowing that I would have to take the recycable cup home with me. The kitchen guy comes out with toothpicks, napkins, the wax paper under my food and all! Man, I am going to look back at this incident 10 days from now with bitterness. At the rate I am going, I am pretty sure that I will only have fruit and vegetable stickers and maybe a milk carton or another empty coffee package. Then, I will have this stupid piece of wax paper. It does really make you more aware of how much wasted extra stuff goes into any dining out experience. 2 lessons learned from today- never forget my bag of goodies (towel, plastic plate, bowl, utensil, drinking and coffee cups, and tupperware) and after this whole thing is done, continue to ask servers to minimize the amount of extra stuff they put on my plate. I can easily keep a pretty cloth napkin on me, refrain from using a straw and ask that no garnish be put on my plate. I actually like using the tupperware to put things in that I can take home and compost or to put my leftovers in so that I don't have to take home a styrofoam container. But, who knows, I may be getting carried away...:)

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Max (now Elke!) said...

This is so awesome!
I love reading your blogs and can't wait to talk to you. I will try to call you tonight.
Keep it up and sorry about Panera! That sux but not much you could do.
Talk to you soon!