Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Day 2- 2 Weeks/No Trash

Sunday, I needed to go grocery shopping! This was actually a really cool experience. It took me a long time to examine all of the various packaged items, searching for that recycle symbol. I did by milk, so if/when I finish the carton, I will be carrying it around. But, I did opt out of buying- well nothing! Everything I eat comes in a recycable option- except microwave popcorn, which I have quit eating during the project. I also had to quit chewing gum. And, after looking up ways to recycle gum and instead reading about all of the nasty things it does to your insides- I happily quit! I also had to buy spinach in bulk instead of the prewashed stuff. The packaging had the three arrows, but said "recycle other". That sounded to complicated to me! I also forgot my tupperware. I planned to ask the meat dept. person to put my meat in there, instead of wrapping it. So, I opted for canned meat- gross, but it's only for this week. At the end of the day, I ended up with stickers from an apple and a tomato lining the inside of my trash bag :) Another good day!

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