Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Day 3- 2 Weeks/No Trash

Well, I used the last of my coffee grinds. So, I am carrying its packaging around with me. James and I went out to eat and a baseball game. I explained my story to our waitress, who expressed a kind interest in it. She did deliver my plate with a plastic container full of ketchup- into the tupperware it went to be brought home, washed out and recycled! I also paid for dinner, so I had to recycle the receipt, as well, when I got home. I also went to a coffee shop to buy a chocolate chip cookie. As I was explaining it to the guy behind the counter, he was putting my cookie in a little baggie. I asked him to take it out and reuse it. He agreed to this. So, I came away trash free! At the game, I drank wine and James surprised me with a chocolate milkshake. Both came in clear plastic cups, so I simply carried them home and recycled. So far, I only have a couple of fruit stickers and an empty coffee bag in my trash :)

On a side note, it is really great having a partner who is not doing the project. We had to buy some stuff for our dog that did not come in recycable packaging (well it did at another store- but I confess that I am no angel- not about to drive around searching for recycled packaging). James decided that this would be his purchase. Also, when we eat out, he decides on appetizers. I can nibble at them without having to finish the whole plate!

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